People Come And Go

Over the last few months I have been questioning the winding path that is life, fate, destiny or whatever else you may choose to call it. The one puzzle I haven’t been able to solve is why some people quietly creep into our lives, make a place there in our hearts and minds, only to swiftly exit in the blink of an eye in the most random of circumstances.

With social media, it is almost impossible to completely lose touch with people. But how significant is that really? What does it mean to have someone’s number and be able to check when they were last online on Whatsapp and what they have been up to in their life recently with a new significant other or family or friends on Facebook or Instagram. What does that really do for you? For me it often reminds me of how small a part of their life I really ever was. It rains on the parade on what I once thought was a special friendship. But then again, I’m a glass half empty kind of girl so that’s the way I tend to think about things.

There have been so many instances of it in life that it’s getting a bit exhausting. Sometimes I wonder if I should just close myself off to new friendships and new people. I already have an inner circle of family and friends that my life could not continue without. Why be open to more? Why share a piece of my heart with yet another person when they are bound to leave… And leave an open wound in place of that piece of heart, no matter how tiny. And yet, at the same time, I am the girl who wears her heart on her sleeve. Getting attached to people and forming friendships is one of the easiest things for me. The ultimate paradox, isn’t it – I need what silently kills me. 

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