My Windows

My windows are open,

Lined with kohl.

They let you see

Straight into my soul.


Of late, their usual clarity

Has been lacking

When looking out or in.

Raindrops pattering.


The lashes are still wispy,

The pupils are still deep,

But a dark cloud has replaced

The happy summer streak.


Days and nights pass

And many a stranger does too

But few pause long enough

To really look through.


But those fortunate few

That grasp the chance to really see

Will be unable to shake off

The extent of their intricacy.


My windows are open

And light pours right through

Into the expanse that is my heart

And everything I hold true.


Stay a moment longer,

I deplore.

If you take a chance to look

It’s possible you’ll want more.


What you see tells a story

Not just of the here and now,

But of a life lived and a journey taken

And much more, if you allow.


My windows are open

And, open they shall stay.

Even if the familiar stranger peers in

But decides to walk away.



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