Sugar and Salt

To love means to often overlook that which you may not understand or agree with, simply because the sum of the parts of that thing or person add more to your life than their absence would… A simple case of the pros outweighing the cons. One has to beggar the question of whether or not it’s possible to really know everything about someone. And yet, even in the face of this expanse of unknown, falling in love is so trivial… So easy. You so willingly compromise, holding out a part of you and embracing the sheer vulnerability, often without even a glimpse of hope or promise this grand gesture will be returned.

It’s a shame the fairy stories never quite told this version of reality… Perhaps it would be too cruel for little children to appreciate. And yet this is exactly what love is. It’s the whole painting. Including the shadow in her face that can draw tears from your eyes, while you’re left marvelling at the intricacy and euphoria of the entire vision in which she stands. Love is equal parts beautiful and equal parts terrifying. Sometimes sharp like the unexpected taste of salt on the tip of your tongue. But sometimes as sweet as the embrace of warm cocoa. And sometimes both together; strange but functional.


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