In a plot twist, the studious, nerdy girl grew up to embrace style, makeup, fashion and all round femininity. Here you will find stories of the current life I lead and how I got there… stories of my Indian heritage, African roots and Western mindset; and how the ultimate product of Globalisation ended up working in the Finance Services industry in the bubble that is London.

This blog is an attempt to channel my creativity and writing ability while sharing my life experiences. As an introvert, I have always found that a pen and paper (or a screen and a keyboard in this case) gave me the quiet confidence to share the craziness that goes on so often in my head.

It is my hope that these random musings can, one day, be pulled together to create a sort of inspired literature. Your views, likes, follows and comments are invaluable and are appreciated more than you know. Perhaps they will see me and my blog through the intended journey.

Happy reading x




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